How to play

It is played with 90 balls bingo. The balls have a number from one to ninety. If you are going to create a free account you can start enjoying all the benefits that you can have. Bingo Please note that because only if you have an account you can only come into play with bingo.


After logging in you can get a room going to choose where you want to play you. Bingo You can first go and see the room list, you see the number of players in this room, and how much you have to assemble. Each bingo card The prices are highest when there are many bingo players and the bet per card is very high. Are regularly open new rooms, special rooms. These can change every week, there are new rules apply than there is to gain extra profit. Often it is so that you can win extra large sums here than ideal course if you want to get even more attack!

Which Bingoroom?

Choose the room where you want to play bingo and buy a few cards. From that moment, you can go along to do with bingo and plenty to enjoy. It may be that you do not want to re-buy cards each round you can choose to automatically buy and you can keep playing without ever need to buy. Cards over long periods Let's hope you're going to win a lot and then you can take even longer time reminisce your cool prizes!

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